Course curriculum

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    Ultimate Pullback Indicator

    • Ultimate Pullback Indicator Code

    • Ultimate Pullback Strategy Code

    • Part 1: User Input & Preparation

    • UPI: Settings Guide

    • Part 2: Conditions & Filters

    • Part 3: Analyzing Pullbacks

    • Part 4: Detecting Entry Patterns

    • Part 6: Trade Execution

    • Part 5: AutoView Position Size

    • Part 7: Target, Trailing Stop & B/E

    • Part 8: Exit Reasons

    • Part 9: Plots, Backtester & Alerts

    • Part 10: Strategy Script & Summary

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    🔔 UPI Updates

    • UPI Update #1

    • UPI Update #2

    • UPI Update #3

    • UPI Update #4

    • UPI Update #5

    • UPI Update #6

    • UPI Update #7

    • UPI Update #8

  • 4

    📚 My Libraries

    • ZenLibrary Source Code

    • ZenLibrary Version #1

    • ZenLibrary Update #2

    • ZenLibrary Update #3

    • ZenLibrary Update #4-5

  • 5

    📊 Strategy Lab

    • Warning: NEVER trust the Strategy Tester!

    • Ultimate Pullback Strategy

    • Hammers & Stars Strategy

    • RSI Continuation Strategy

    • EMA Continuation Strategy

    • Bollinger Breakout Strategy

    • Inside Bar Momentum Strategy

    • More Strategies Coming Soon!

    • FTB Strategy

  • 6

    💹 My Indicators

  • 7

    🙈 Conditional Filters

    • Regime Filter

    • EMA Confluence Filters

    • Time Session Filter

    • Date Filter

    • Ichimoku Cloud Filter

  • 9

    🤖 AutoView Guide

    • Setting Up AutoView

    • AutoView Commands

    • Alert Syntax Examples

    • ATR Auto-Trailing Stop

    • Calculating Position Size

    • Automating A Strategy Script

    • Adding Strategy Filters

    • Using AWS VPS to Auto-Trade 24/7

  • 10

    💻 PineConnector Guide

  • 11

    📖 Reference Material

    • Hexadecimal Colors

    • Understanding (& Eliminating) Repainting

    • Custom Function Library

    • Manual Backtesting Guide

    • Backtesting Efficiency Hack

About This Course

And why it's perfect for you!

I've been writing Pine Script code regularly since 2017.

In that time I've developed several dozen various indicators, trading tools and strategy backtesting scripts for the TradingView platform.

Many of these scripts have been published publicly, a few of them have become quite popular, and I use several of them in my day-to-day trading process to help me navigate the markets profitably (and efficiently) on a consistent basis.

In this course I reveal everything behind the curtains - from each script's original theoretical concept, to my thought process behind how I did things, to the source code itself.

The Pine Script Mastery Course teaches you everything you need to know to build your own scripts. But this course will reveal the ways that I have personally used Pine Script to create useful, practical, time-saving and money-making scripts.

It even includes 11+ hours of content addressing how I made (and how I use) my premium Ultimate Pullback Indicator script - a script containing over 700 lines of code which not only makes me money in the markets, but makes me a consistent income through selling it as a subscription-based product to other traders who also like to trade pullback strategies.

Dozens of profitable traders are subscribed to the script at $47 per month, and lifetime access is worth $497. And those who buy lifetime access don't even get the source code (which is worth far more than $497 to many traders). The value provided by this course literally far exceeds the cost!

Not to mention purchasing access to this course also includes access to the source code & lessons covering any future scripts I write - and I have dozens in the works.

Our most precious resource as traders is not our capital - it is our time. You can always find ways to source more capital - but you can never source more time out of the same 24 hours we each share each day.

These 20+ scripts save me immense amounts of time by making my trading process as simple and efficient as humanly possible.

From generating trading setup alerts so that I don't have to check my charts every few minutes to drawing my stops & targets directly onto the chart for backtesting purposes, these scripts have saved me literally hundreds of hours of screen-time.

Save yourself an immense amount of time by stealing the source code to the very best scripts I've ever written!

Pricing Options

Steal my best code!

What's Included?


  • My Ultimate Pullback Indicator & Strategy scripts (worth $497!)

  • Access to our private Discord community server for priority support

  • Video lessons explaining how I use the UPI to trade forex profitably

  • Aggressive Pullback Indicator - a simpler (and earlier) version of the UPI

  • Candle Breakout Indicator - used for detecting breakouts to trigger alerts!

  • Cumulative Volume Indicator - used for intraday market volume analysis

  • Dynamic Structure Indicator which detects support & resistance zones

  • Higher Timeframe EMAs and High/Lows for multi-timeframe analysis

  • RVOL Indicator (compare current bar's volume to previous time of day)

  • Profitable RSI mean-reversion setup detection indicator... and much more!


Here's what other traders think about this course:

5 star rating


Patrick Lucero

This is amazing stuff, TRULY! I am a lifetime EAP member and am very familiar with these strategies and work full time. So finding your course, indicators ...

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This is amazing stuff, TRULY! I am a lifetime EAP member and am very familiar with these strategies and work full time. So finding your course, indicators and strategies already coded was amazing. As you know time is an essential commodity to trading and learning to trade even more so than money as you can get more money but time there is only so many hours in a day, Anyways priceless material!

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  • What is Pine Script?

    Pine Script is the programming language used to create custom indicators, tools and strategy backtesting scripts for the TradingView charting platform. It's a light-weight cloud-based language that is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to distribute. Unlike other languages such as MQL, Pine Script runs right in your browser - and continues to run even after you close it.

  • How long can I access the course?

    The course is yours for life! Once you've bought my TradingView Indicators Course, it's all yours including any future updates and the source code + video lessons for any new scripts I create.

  • Is support included in this course?

    Yes! Basic support is included for simple Pine Script questions that take 15 minutes or less to answer. However if you want me to help write code for your script then send an email to my support team for a pricing quote - but keep in mind that it will be expensive as I do not have a lot of spare time to work on other trader's scripts.

  • Do I need a paid TradingView account to use this course?

    No! I don't cover anything in this course that requires a premium TradingView account to use. All of Pine Script's features are available to all TradingView subscription plans. The main advantage of having a premium TradingView account is to set unlimited script alerts or publish your own paid scripts.

  • Can I pay with crypto?

    Absolutely! I'm a huge fan and early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and so I'm very familiar with them and open to accepting them. You can pay in any major crypto coin or token, but obviously the easiest way is to use a stablecoin such as USDT. The catch is that I cannot automate this payment system, and so you will need to email me so that I can handle the process manually.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of my premium source code provided within this course, I do not offer refunds for this particular course to protect myself from intellectual property theft. But once you pay for this course my source code is yours to do whatever you want with! You can borrow any code you like and there's no requirement to credit me in your work.

Who Am I?

The Art of Trading

My name is Matthew J. Slabosz and I run the trading blog & YouTube channel The Art of Trading.

I'm a 32 year old trader from Queensland Australia who has been trading the forex and crypto markets for 4+ years, and I've spent 15+ years exploring the world of coding.

I'm here to teach you everything I know about Pine Script.
Matthew J. Slabosz
  • Disclaimer

    My courses are for educational purposes only. Some lessons do touch on strategies and techniques that I use or have used to trade profitably, but no guarantees can be made. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and trading can be extremely risky. Make sure to read this full disclaimer if you are unaware of the potential dangers associated with trading.