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Here's a list of just some of the features included in this script:

  • Auto-trade forex through PineConnector and/or AutoView!

  • Detect a multitude of various candlestick patterns & set their rules

  • Enable all sorts of exit reasons (eg. trailing stop, RSI exhaustion etc)

  • Draw trade info directly to chart (eg. SL & TP price, drawdown, win rate etc)

  • Tweak a multitude of strategy settings (MA lengths, R:R, SL distance etc)

  • Select whatever moving average type you want (EMA, SMA, VWAP etc)

  • Enable advanced setup filters (eg. minimum R:R to pullback origin)

  • Use various filters (eg. time filter, date filter, day of week filter etc)

  • Enable a second moving average to use as a momentum filter

  • Choose from a large list of alert conditions to monitor markets 24/7!

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Ultimate Pullback Indicator

    • Introduction

    • Settings Guide

    • How I Read Trends

    • Discretionary Strategy Rules

    • Backtesting: Systematic Approach

    • Backtesting: Discretionary Approach

    • How to Set Alerts

    • Order Placement

    • Strategy Script Guide

    • Using Multiple Settings Templates

  • 3

    UPI Updates

    • Update v3.04

    • Update v3.05

    • Update v3.06

    • Update v3.08

  • 4

    [UPI] Strategies to Trade

    • Best Markets & Rules

    • Daily Strategy

  • 5

    Bonus: Hammers & Stars

    • Strategy Overview

  • 6

    Bonus: FTB Strategy

    • Strategy Rules & Overview

  • 7

    Bonus: IBM Strategy

    • Request Access

    • Strategy Rules

    • Strategy Overview

  • 8

    AutoView Setup Guide

  • 9

    PineConnector Setup Guide

Student Reviews

5 star rating

UPI indicator


Anything made by zen is an easy 5 star, always useful, always clear. I bought every course and everyone has become an incredible resource, that I am constant...

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Anything made by zen is an easy 5 star, always useful, always clear. I bought every course and everyone has become an incredible resource, that I am constantly going back too. heavily recommend everything.

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What's included?

  • Full access to the indicator's wealth of advanced features & future updates

  • Includes access to the Strategy companion script (for automated testing)

  • Access to our private Discord community server for priority support

  • 2+ hours of video lessons demonstrating how to use the script profitably

  • Written PDF versions of my strategy rules for 1-target & 2-target trading

  • My personal spreadsheets for backtesting & live trade tracking

  • Dramatically reduce required screen-time & backtesting time!

  • Bonus strategies & lessons (including how to auto-trade with TV alerts!)

Pricing options


  • What is the Ultimate Pullback Indicator?

    This indicator script has been under development for over 3 years. It's my pièce de résistance - my ultimate work. I personally use it to:

    - Automate detection of trading setups by setting alerts
    - Assist in speeding up my active trade management
    - Significantly increase backtesting efficiency & reduce screen-time
    - Automate trade execution through AutoView and PineConnector

    The script uses advanced methods to detect high-quality (and filter out low-quality) potential pullback trading opportunities. It visually prints the signals directly onto your chart including stop-loss and take-profit lines!

    Please note that this script only works on the TradingView platform.

  • What is the Ultimate Pullback Strategy script?

    The strategy version of this script is used to automate backtesting through the TradingView tester system. It places mock trades based on your indicator settings, and gives you an idea of how profitable (or unprofitable) your specified settings are.

    It should not be treated as a substitute for manual backtesting, but can help you to quickly identify markets and indicator settings that show potential.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Yes! I offer a 1-month free trial to try the indicator out before you buy. The trial does not include my personal trading strategy rules or backtesting lesson, but you get full access to all of the indicator's features for the duration of your trial.

  • Can I subscribe through PayPal?

    Yes of course! But unfortunately due to technical limitations of the course-hosting platform we use, we cannot set up subscription plans through PayPal automatically. Please send us an email if you'd like to subscribe with PayPal and we'll sort it out for you manually :) sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully this will be rectified soon!

  • Does this work on MetaTrader/NinjaTrader/cTrader etc?

    This script is written in Pine Script which only works on the TradingView platform. I have no plans to convert this code for use on other platforms at the moment.

    But it IS possible to automate your trading with this script through the PineConnector Expert Advisor which converts your TradingView alerts into trade commands for the MT4/MT5 platform. (There are lessons on how to do this in the course for paid subscribers!)

  • Does this work on stocks/crypto/futures?

    The indicator was created specifically for use on the Forex markets, but it technically works on all markets.

    However it is advised to thoroughly test the indicator on the market you intend to trade it on to confirm its profitability through the process of backtesting (instructions on how to do this are included in the course!)

  • Is the source code included in this course?

    No, the source code to this script is proprietary and private and not included in this particular product.

    However if you really want it then you can purchase My TradingView Indicators course where I reveal the source code and explain in great detail how everything works under the hood!

  • I have a question that's not answered here!

    Please check out my blog article covering this indicator if you're unsure about anything - it goes into great detail about how the settings work and the various features the script has to offer.

    And if you still have questions then feel free to email my support team and we'll happily help you out!

Who Am I?

The Art of Trading

My name is Matthew J. Slabosz and I run the trading blog & YouTube channel The Art of Trading.

I'm a 32 year old trader from Queensland Australia who has been trading the forex and crypto markets for 4+ years, and I've spent 15+ years exploring the world of coding.

I'm here to teach you everything I know about Pine Script.
Matthew J. Slabosz